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First post...

Imaginative title I know.

So this is going to be a collection of musings by me; IcarusGirl.

To introduce myself: like so many I am an aspiring writer, specifically playwriting and dabblings in poety. The name IcarusGirl? Inspired by a song of Ani DiFranco's which i shall finish this post with, it was a pseudonym chosen when a bit younger and a lot more emo, but noone should be ashamed of where they come from, if happy with who they are now (which we must mostly be to exist, save a wish to be a little more toned, tucked and trimmer).

My spelling and grammar is lazy, I can do it but type fast and tend to garble occasionally, we both know what I mean so suck it up.

My interersts are varied, music is a must (from emo and screamo, post hardcore to ska, jazz and blues, electronica and drum and bass, lots more) I read (terry pratchett and harry potter to relax, other wise Ian Banks, David Mitchell, Ian McEwan, Austen, Neil Gaiman, Kazuo Ishiguro, Murakami et al) I paint (portraits mainly), am studying for a BA Hons in Drama, following it next year with a MPhil in Playwriting which I was recently accepted onto. I also follow a few online comics, namely rpgworld, megatokyo, and

Ocassionally I get the urge to excercise, when I do, I swim, i've always felt more 'me' in water, i'm naturally kind of fast moving/thinking and quite clumsy, water slows everything down and makes me feel (dare I say it) graceful.

There's a lot more but for now, that will do. If you feel like following me, my writings will be about whatever the hell I want, although as the title of the blog suggests I intend to use this space to perhaps discuss 'A Science Fiction Thetare', what I write, and am writing and how I think Science Fiction has long been (almost) absent from the stage, why it is valuable and how my various plays address then and now (cue the voices of dissent with numerous examples of ostenisbly SciFi theatre) Manifestos are about passion, statements and beliefs, and I believe I don't have to listen to nitpicking.

ICARUS (Ani DiFranco)
seems like you just
started noticing
how noticably bad things really are
and when you walked past this couple arguing
in a rolled up window
of a parked car
and all of that
gesticulated bitterness
and all of that
muffled yelling hell
its dark just starts wafting at you
like a big fury rat died
inside of that wall kinda smell

breathe like it's rolling like a cold front
thunder is thundering and lightening in tow
and your tiny little life gets
even smaller
as you heed the heaven's mighty show

and I don't mean heaven
like god-like
the animal in me knows very well
nature is our teacher, our leader, and our lover
and god is just another story that we tell

and you're trying not to grasp-not to start grasping
at straws -or sticks- or stones
just learn how to sit inside your sadness
even if you're sitting there alone

it's just like Icarus ascending
never intending to look back
nature's law and your tragic flaw
I find descending
flying into the arms of a Venus flytrap


Lucy Ann Wade said...

Hi, Welcome to Blogger! (Ooh, sound like an automated message).

I didn't actually know that about your alias, quite interesting. I've obviously never heard the song, unless it has recently been adapted into a Disney film, but there you go. You can see my blog by clicking on my name in this comment.

Alex said...

I thought it was a book...

Alex said...

Also, in the mid nineties there was an advert for some sort of deodorant with an icarus girl in it. She was dead hot in her thongs. of the footwear variety.

Why would I remember that? no reason I guess...

Anonymous said...

Terrific, that' s exactly what I was seeking for! You just spared me alot of work