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A Fairy Tale.

There was a piece here called 'The Eve of St. Agnes' however it is now going to be published in the Inkerman Press collection 'Green and Unpleasant Land'

"a book of English folk, mythology and supernatural tales that reinterprets existing tales, mythologizes existing buildings and sites previously unwritten. Our attempt is not to contemporise historical work but rather to relocate it and provide alternate readings of England’s green and (un)pleasant land. [...] Publication Date: 1st September 2007"

( full details here).

It will be available in September direct from the Inkermen, or off Amazon.... So please buy it!



Sabrina Mei-Li Smith said...

Woah! Your blog is positvly flash! Stupid wank Blogger closed my old one down so have to have new one (grr). Keep up the good work!

Lucy Ann Wade said...

Oh I'm gald you got published in that. I really wanted to write something, but never got round to it. Must be more organised!

IcarusGirl said...

Fanks you guys!


PS Lucy there's still time to enter stuff if you want I think... go for it! my entry was a spur of the moment one hours piece of work