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Writing update...

1) 'Crystal Clear Creators', a local creative writing intiative have accepted one of my poems 'The Ardeche Gorge' for publication in their pending anthology 'Beginnings and Endings'.

2) they have also agreed to record my latest play for radio 'Prometheus and Sisyphus' recording begins in early May.

3) I have begun to develop a statement of intent for my Science Fiction Theatre:

"I propose to develop my ideas for a Science-Fiction Theatre, using ‘universes’ (mythical, classical, forward in time) to form a commentary coercive but subtle in intent. This will be akin to a combination of the best Radio Four political comedy and the moment at the end of Caryl Churchill’s ‘Far Away’ where following a fantastical yet strangely recognisable presentation of modern fear, a character recalls dipping her foot in a river, this suddenly humane experience grounds the audience to this world and its own brand of political violence. However my theatre would address the more subtle violence never quite being able to do, say, or be everything you think (or are told) you should."

all very exciting! ^_^

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