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Excerpt II

So. last night at 1.50am I finished the 81 page draft of Cloud, it's all sent off to friends for feedback and I shall redraft today and tomorrow morning, print it off and then post it on the way to catch the midday train to a friend's house in Manchester on Friday! Wooo!

um, and here's another extract - a monologue from towards the end of act I, Melpomene has stormed off because Azrael was "being a dick", and the Angel is quizzing Azrael about the 'pleasures of the flesh' that Melpeomene had mentioned earlier...

ANGEL: so you’ve never seen

AZRAEL: I guess... I guess I have... look no word to anyone mate, but when it gets too much, and they’re having one of their rows, I like to sneak out, go somewhere like this. Grey. And cold. It’s so nice to have the sky overhead. Anyway there was this time I sneaked out, went down, just walked. I could do that for hours. Just feel- y’know, that light and dark in them, when you pass in the street. It’s like their hearts are just begging to be set free –rise up or sink down... I guess that may slightly be a death god’s point of view but you get what I mean (the ANGEL nods) So anyway I find myself in some grotty little town, walking in the dark streets outside the centre in the cold. I like cold- the air’s hot up above. And I’m walking and suddenly out of the background noise I just feel these two hearts. So completely opposite but yearning to badly – I follow it and go down an alley and suddenly I’m looking through a pane of glass at these two people contradicting one another. There’s an intimacy which suggests they’ve been together for a while, there’s spaghetti on the stove and two glasses of wine but she’s, she’s dressed up- like she’s really made an effort- and he’s holding her face in his hands and suddenly I realise that these two, they’re trying so hard, but falling apart. And her heart is so bunched up and she’s breathing like she’s drinking his smell and he’s talking quietly but his heart is screaming “I want so much to love her” and slowly, with all their hopes and fears, a tear runs down her cheek, and they kiss.

(long silence).

ANGEL: and that's your job

AZRAEL: what?

ANGEL: to take life, when the pain is too much.

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