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Hard Work

14/08/08 01:32

So moving house went ok, pretty long stressful day, but after working from 10am to 1am the whole of my stuff was moved, and set up. It took three trips worth of stuff, plus a journey to IKEA to pick up a glorious new bookcase, and other bits and bobs. For the first time I have all my book on proper shelves, and they look really happy, though 8 shelves is barely enough! I had no idea that I have almost 2 whole shelves of plays! It's awesome having my Pc back too, with all the peripherals that make life just that littl ebit easier/more relaxing. Three things make up home for me, my PC (with all of my music), my books, and my teddy bear (that's right. It's called Superted). I've taken a few days off work to settle in, but after a quick couple of days changing addresses and finding a new doctors/dentists I am throwing myself full into writing this critical analysis/redraft. This means this is merely a glancing 'check in' before I go off the radar for a few weeks. Muchos writing needs to happen, made actually rather than metaphorically painful by the fact that I sliced the top of one of my fingers off the other day and keep on accidentally banging it down on the keyboard and bleeding everything. Anyway, in the meantime - I've put up a few bits and bobs in the 'other writing' section - stuff that I dug out of notebooks during the big sort-out-before-I-moved. They're a bit rough around the edges... and mostly written on trains, see what you think anyway. Take care, and wish me luck! xx

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