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20/07/08 22:47

This is generally intended to be quite a short entry (though it may run on) as I really need to get some sleep after quite a packed weekend spent in Manchester. Then tomorrow I'm back at Foursight before going to Leeds on Thursday for my little brother's graduation, then London to see Black Watch, and then Yorkshire for a family matter, before back for more work, and then moving house the following week... So a bit low on time! And whilst I'm back home I wont be able to update anything with ease, so I thought I should briefly 'check in'.

I am generally, and quite suddenly, feeling really strapped for time, and a bit nervous about getting things done in time. Mainly pressing concerns are the redraft of Being Someone Else along with the accompanying 6000 word essay, and the Amnesty International/Ice and Fire competition that I was writing something for. The deadline for the latter is VERY soon, 1st August, and I think that due to this family matter taking me away I'm probably not going to get anything complete in time to send off, which is a real shame because the piece (tentatively titled Eismas/Traffic) feels quite gripping as an idea, has been emerging well, and recently had quite a reasonable break through in terms of structure. However the main problem is that it's only about 1/2 an hour of material (the minimum is 1 hour) and I am so exhausted after work/gym that work nights along with all this traveling are opposing progress almost completely. we'll see, I am going to try as hard as possible to get something finished, though I hold no great hopes for the competition now, it just seems a shame to have written something quite specific for it to just sit on the shelf...

In terms of the thesis play and essay for the Playwriting Studies course, I am seeing and feeling a little more each time I think of it, and look at it, I just need to find some good chunks of time (at the expense, unfortunately, of others) to get at it. The key is the emotional link between reader/audience and the characters/story- it is an alien world, so anchoring the emotions is really important to give you a 'way in' to understanding... I did a big chunky redraft of the real world which is moving in the right direction, but thoroughly lacked heart, and any notion of the characters as really feeling- I think that they haven't developed enough with the change in plotting, and are therefore stuck in previous drafts' modes. The essay I am less worried about, I spent 3 years writing essays, it's always do-able- I just need, again, more time before this ever-nearing deadline of mid September. Think I may have to take a week off work and blitz it all, I am very much a 'blitzing' kind of person.

In slightly other-ness (sorry, can't think of a real word, my brain is a bit melty from many trains) I am getting the urge to set at some short pieces of writing at the moment, small lines and starting images keep on popping into my head, so I think I may buy a new notebook (not lined! hate lines >_<) and start getting some things down. It's been a very long time since I did any short pieces, and I'm interested in particular to see how/if the masters has changed that part of my writing.

Right, now I really must sort my self out ready for work etc... when I next write I will have either shelved or posted Eismas/Traffic so depending what happens there, I may go into more detail about that particular piece, or I may share so short scribblings... let's see!

Thanks for reading! xx

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