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London, still.

Another day, another savagely late post. Apologies to the very few people who read this blog! I am very hard up for time, again. I was away all last week, and am mostly catching up.

Next week for the RC we have individual 1/2 hour tutorials to discuss potential ideas for our new play, so I need to sort out my ideas in my head (I have a couple of srtongish- impressions which I am considering combining if possible). I went the the V&A museum yesterday with my spare London-time - it was good, but I think after a while my brains topped taking in the beautiful objects.

In other news, I am bloody fed up of having wet feet, so I am selling a piece of spare PC stuff in order to buy a pair of boots.

I read all of the previously mentioned plays (see below), as well as Caryl Churchill's Drunk Enough to say I Love You (which puts the Bush/Blair relationship as a stilted relationship between two gay lovers) and found them all very different but each very valuable in terms of different styles of writing theatre (as I'm sure was intended). I think I found Woyczeck the most stylistically interesting, but (as usual) struggled with most of the female characters, or messages about women in all the plays (except those in A Raisin in the Sun) -it's not to say that bad, mean, unthinking, singularily sexualised women don't exist, but they are others too... A thought for another day perhaps. When you write for an under-represented group, you are almost always 'representing' not just 'portraying', doubly so in A Raisin in the Sun - another reason why that play is so astonishing. Do read it. I wish I could see it, I think it would have quite a transformative feeling/effect.

Anyway, must get on. Need to formulate ideas for my new play, tentaively titled Eismas/Mine.

tataa! Hxx


Lucy Ann Wade said...
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Lucy Ann Wade said...

There's a recent film of A Raisin in the Sun you could watch - it stars Puff Daddy though, so not sure how good it will be...

Hannah said...

oooh, thanks!