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Moving On.

08/07/08 22:42

Well the website stuff seems to be moving on more and more as I get the hang of stuff, all the pages I intended to sort out are now complete, with content and navigation etc., etc., plus I have submitted it to Google for them to index, along with a sitemap, so hopefully, eventually, this site will come up on a google search of my name (though that require muchos linking to me by other sites of similar content, so if you've got an artsy website, link me up! and I'll return the favour).

Quick warning, these blogs are so far mainly streams of consciousness, so be wary of spelling and grammar, and don't expect beautiful sentence structure either.

On the 3rd draft of Being Someone Else front, I have a whole 45 pages, with not *too* much more copy/paste action. I feel like I haven't really changed enough, but I've not looked over it yet, so perhaps, on reading, it may be the right balance of change and not. Positive outlook and all.

Speaking of Outlook (the other kind) I'm sooo lost without my phone! I have no idea what my diary is like, can't get push email on the move or y'know, call or text! I should have a replacement soon, it's battered but was cheap, and I'm thinking of visiting a model shop or car place to get some chrome touch up paint for the housing (new housing is £30 - and requires total disassembly to fit) and then all i need to do is SIM, APP, and CID unlock it ready for a snazzy windows mobile 6.1 number of Dr Gonzo's - very clever guy!

Hopefully I shall be back with the world soon enough. and in website news I have a few more aims (aside from keeping it current, and writing new stuff to put up!)

1. find a small, un intrusive image viewer for the painting and drawing section- that bit is VERY unpretty at the moment.

2. sorting out the blog page with anchors and a sidebar for navigation, and hopefully, some kind of comments feature, so it really is a proper blog. Would be really nice to get feed back!

And on that note, if you have stumbled into this and want to pass judgment, do email me, check out the Contact Me! page for more info.

And Back to work I go, the 'proper' kind, in the office 'til Friday. So, until then, goodbye ^_^ xx

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