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07/07/08 00:47

Welcome one and all to my brand new website/blog! I'm getting to grips with the software/general getting thing on the internet-ness... It's getting done, though I've used a few shortcuts- I need to sort out the Painting and Drawing page with an nice image viewer I reckon, then get a bit more... obviously I need to sort out all of the plays pages and pop some content on (as that is essentially the point of the exercise). But all will be sorted, I have only been working on it intermittently for 3 days now, so I'm fine about it all :-)

In other news the draft 3 of Being Someone Else is going... ok. it's really hard, once you've got past drafts 1 and 2, 3 has to be really... good. And I don't think it is... ho hum- got about 24 pages done yesterday and today- want 45 by Tuesday- which is do-able. finger crossed! (probably shouldn't have set up a website when I'm supposed to be doing real work)... ach! xx

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