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Last One.

So- that's it! Finished... very weird. First drafts to hand in to the Royal Court on the 15th, some other writing stuff looking nice and promising (though not holding my breath!) and I can finally maybe not be quite so poor without all of the travelling – oh and the time! 2 days a week back to do stuff with. I have a lot of stuff bubbling away in my brain at the moment- particularly a radio idea which I may start work on after the 15th of Jan- and then see if I can get in contact with the producer I know at the BBC to talk it over... so all in all I'm feeling nice and positive. Just about. It fluctuates so much -and is bound to take a dip when I get into redrafting – though having said that- this redraft should be a lot less stressful than Being Someone Else – I can see the problems, and it's a simpler idea, so hopefully it should feel good- honing it into a more demonstrative form! But, yes, the Royal Court YWP has been a brilliant experience- to make contact with the London 'scene' – to meet some nice fellow writers, make some friends, have a good reason to write and to keep my brain ticking over! The last session was finished with a really interesting conversation about if and how theatre can change people/the world. Really interesting- just skimmed the surface on it, but so interesting! I love discussing that kind of thing (though I probably came across as a bit odd).

And now it's Christmas! Yay! Love Christmas, looking forward to giving myself a week off, giving out cool presents, and not having to worry about where the food and heat is coming from! Oh and the countryside – miss it so much! Need to go on some nice long walks, maybe even a trip to the Yorkshire coast. Love it! So yes, this may be the last regular blog entry as I leave for home on Saturday the 20th, so thank you for reading along with me on this small blog journey, and onto the next I say!

Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year.


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